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4.2 Policy Internal audit checklist

• Verify required elements
• Verify management commitment
• Verify available to the public
• Verify implementation by tracing links back to policy statement
• Check review/revisions
• Determine how communicated
• Check if temps are trained
• Check if vendors/suppliers were notified of policy

4.3.1 Aspects Internal audit checklist

• Verify organization has approved procedure to identify aspects
• Verify/determine process for identification, ranking of significant aspects
• Verify significant aspects are managed
• Verify appropriate document links (ID links) are in place
• Verify training needs have been met as related to significant and job activities that can result in impacts
• Verify objectives and targets are linked to significant aspects with appro. ID numbers
• Determine how aspects are communicated
• Verify up to date
• Interview/sample employees for awareness

4.3.2 Regulatory Requirements Internal audit checklist

• Verify requirements are in place and managed
• See if legal requirement are in Standard Operating Procedures (related to significant)
• Verify training has been conducted
• Check identifiers are in place and linked
• Determine if communicated to employees
• Verify accessible and available
• Verify appropriate links to related documents


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