Job satisfaction questionnaire

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This example questionnaire helps to evaluate the job satisfaction of employees in a organisation. This sample questionnaire can be downloaded for free. You are also free to adapt this sample questionnaire to your own needs and specifacations, ther are no restrictions to do so. Just do it easy!

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Introduction: questionnaire statement of employees of their organization/ company.

How would you rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5

1 = totally disagree
2 = disagree
3 = neither agree nor disagree
4 = agree
5 = totally agree

Employees evaluation of the organization in which employed.

1. The organization systematically collects information over customer needs.

2. The organization use customer information from market research

3. The organization does research into the quality of the organization.

4. The management team has barely any contact with customers.

5. The account managers communicate well with the product managers.

6. The account managers communicate well with the account managers.

7. The management team have regular personal contact with the product managers.

8. The account and product managers communicate in writing amongst themselves.

9. The middle management is superfluous.

10. The organization has tools to improve the quality.

11. The organization is directed more towards sales than customers.


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