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This example questionnaire is a marketing tool to help you to measure, examine and evaluate the customer satisfaction in a relation to a organisation. This sample of a questionnaire for research on customer satisfaction can be downloaded for free. This sample questionnaire is available in a Word format and you are free to adapt it at your own specifications. Just do it easy !

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Sample customer satisfaction questionnaire/ Example of Questions / Sample customer satisfaction survey

1. Gender Male

2. What is your age?
16-24 years
25-40 years
41-55 years
56- 70 years
71 years and older


3. How well do you know organization ORGANIZATION X
o very
o pretty well
o a little
o only by name
o never heard of

4. What do you think about organization ORGANIZATION X?
5. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about ORGANIZATION X is. ..

6. To what extent does / (aspects of the organization organization X) do the aspects ORGANIZATION X best represents hold your attention?


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