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This example questionnaire is a tool to evaluate the customers satisfaction about a company.This example questionnaire can be downloaded for free. This sample questionnaire is available in a Word format and you are free to adapt it at your own specifications. Just do it easy !

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1                    = never

2                    = sometimes

3                    = often

4                    = always.

never /sometimes/ often/always

The staff are always friendly and well mannered.

I feel valued and important.

The staff are patient and treat me with respect.

The staff are interested and attentive.

My wishes and expectations are taken into consideration.

The Staff have a problem solving mentality

The Staff that I need are easy to contact.

Whenever someone is unavailable it is clearly indicated when they will next be available.

The telephone is answered within three rings

The communications are transparent short and specific.

Questions are answered quickly.


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