Sample customer satisfaction questionnaire: Services

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This sample questionnaire is a tool to evaluate customers satisfaction about services. This example questionnaire can be downloaded for free. This sample questionnaire is available in a Word format and you are free to adapt it at your own specifications. Just do it easy !

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How would you rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5
Scale 1 = totally disagree
2 = disagree
3 = neither agree nor disagree
4 = agree
5 = totally agree


1 The brochure gave a good impression of the products and services
2 The layout of the brochure was easily to follow.
3 The employees are dressed representatively.
4 The employees are friendly.
5 The Account manager is a good point of contact.
6 The Account manager is convincing.
7 The Account manager seems competent.


8 The service staff come almost always after their appointment.
9 The service staff come up to expectations.
10 Mistakes are accepted.
11 Mistakes were quickly corrected
12 It is very clear with problems who you need to contact.
13 With problems you can always reach the service staff.
14 Complaints are reasonably dealt with
15 Complaints are quickly dealt with.


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