Sample job satisfaction questionnaire

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This example questionnaire helps you to evaluate ones job satisfaction. It is also a usefull for internal audits. This sample questionnaire can be downloaded for free. This questionnaire is available in a Word format and you are free to adapt it at your own specifications. Just do it easy !

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Example of Questions / Inquiry / Market Research/ example questionnaire

Introduction: questionnaire statement of employees of their organization/ company.

1. In which department do you work ?

o Management
o Staff
o Accounts
o Sales
o Marketing
o Services
o Engeneering
o Communication/PR
o _________

The function

2 Are you satisfied with the variety and volume of the work you must do?
Is there enough variety in your work?
If yes why?
If no why not?

3 Do you think that there are enough possibilities for you to further your education?

4 Do you still want to be working for organization X in a years time?

5 What is the least pleasant work by organization X, how would you improve this?

6 What is the nicest work by organization X?

7 What is the worst aspect of organization X?

8 What is the best thing about organization X?


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