Segmentation questionnaire

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This example of a segmentation questionnaire is a marketing tool to use in case you have to choose a segmentation strategy for of potential buyers of a service. This example questionnaire can be downloaded for free. This sample questionnaire is available in a Word format and you are free to adapt it at your own specifications. Just do it easy !

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Example questionnaire/ market research/ segmentation

1. The current form of_____provision of services?

2. How many companies did you contracted as_______?

3 Which_____tools are available at your company?

4. In what extent are you familiar with service_____?

5. Which providers do you know of service_______?

6. Did your company in the past used services of___________?

7.What kind of benefits do you see for service____for your company?

8. Which disadvantages are allied with service_____for your company?

9. What would be a reason to outsource_______provision of services in the form of_______?

10. What keeps your company from using a_______?

11. What are you missing____(kind of service)?

12.What is in your opinion redundant of_____(service X)?


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