When does a survey need a questionnaire?

Category: How to Design a Questionnaire?

By Thijs Verbeek 5 december 2010

When do I have to use a questionnaire in a survey during my research?
Many students and employees are looking for a solution and ask this question. Just Do It Easy will help you in your decision to use or to use not a questionnaire while collecting information and to design a questionnaire and analyze your findings. On this page you will find a list of articles related to this item. And don’t forget, we have a lot of questionnaire examples available. All the samples can be downloaded for free!

Questionnaires and field research
Some times desk research (internet, books, articles,etc.) is not enough tot give all the answers on the objectives of the research. Then the only way to get the information needed for the research is to collect it on the field. To do this in a controlled en structured way we use questionnaires.
We can use online questionnaires or questionnaires on paper.